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Hi, I'm Marco Coraggio

Senior Postdoc at Scuola Superiore Meridionale - School for Advanced Studies, Italy
Complex networks and Data-driven control

About me

I'm a PhD Control Systems Engineer and Researcher.

I'm now a Senior Postdoc in Modeling and Engineering Risk and Complexity at Scuola Superiore Meridionale - School for Advanced Studies, in Italy. Before that, I've been a Postdoc at the University of Naples Federico II, where I also got my PhD in 2020.

Two questions fuel my current research:
>  What is the behavior of interacting systems? 
>  How can automatic systems learn?
To answer them, I'm researching topics at the intersection of complex networks, data-driven control, and machine learning.

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Piecewise-smooth systems and networks

Complex network

Reinforcement learning

Brain made with electronic connections

Power grids

Electric tower


Covid-19 virion

Geometric pattern formation

Geometric pattern formed by mobile agents

Control applications

Cantilever of an atomic force microscope


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